Ecology of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems



Basic informations

This description applies to the field course "Ecology of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems" conducted by the Department of Hydrobiology UW in Hydrobiological field Station in Pilchy.

Date and place of course

The field course will be held on 26-31.05. 2017 at the Masurian Lakeland.

The organization of the course

26.05 (Friday), 17.00 brief meeting in Hydrobiological Station in Mikolajki, and transport with UW vehicles to the Hydrobiological Station in Pilchy
26.05 19.00 organisation meeting in the Hydrobiological Station in Pilchy 5.
27.05 (Saturday),  7.00 - 19.00 - long boat cruise with field sampling from Mikołajki to Rydzewo, then car trip to the Hydrobiological Station in Pilchy, where the further part of the course will be held
28.05 (Sunday) free day
29.05,  9.00 - 17.00 (with a break) - lab analysis of collected materials (Station)

30.05,  9.00 - 17.00 (with a break) - data analysis and preparation of own presentations (Station)
31.06,  9.00 - 12.00 presentation of the results and discussion (Station)

Practical information


Mirosław Ślusarczyk, tel. 22 5526530, cell phone. +48 506412358, 

Barbara Pietrzak, tel. 22 5526600,


Travel to the course in not needed since it will begin in the same place where the previous course ends.

Return trip is however on your own. 

Travel instructions can be found here

TAXI from Pisz to Pilchy or back may cost 40-60zł. The cheapest taxi (that I know) can be ordered by phone: tel 603755458

Keep your bus or train tickets to get reimbursment of the travel costs. Taxi expenses will not be reimbursed.


Students live in the Station in rooms for 3-4 persons (more detailed description of living conditions may be found here). 

Spouses, kids or pets are not welcomed.


Breakfasts and suppers you prepare yourself. The Station has a large and well-equipped kitchen - you can use electric kettles, microwave, refrigerator, cups, plates, cutlery etc. There is a well-stocked grocery store a short distance from the Station

Lunch may be ordered in a restaurant and served in the Station. 

What to take with you

The weather may be unpredictable (4-25oC) thus take warm (winter caps and gloves) windproof and waterproof clothes (raincoat plus waterproof pants and rubber boots) on one hand and shorts and t-shirts on the other. The field work will be held regardless of weather conditions. Beside take other personal belongings including sleeping bags (lining can be hired at extra costs), flashlight, laptops paper notebooks, writing utensils, basic medicines and repellents.




Marks 2016

  60% 40%    
indeks ppt prezentation weighted mean final score
307877 5 5 5 5
381336 4.75 4.5 4.65 5
352990 5 4 4.6 4.5
325729 5 5 5 5
292706 4.75 4 4.45 4.5
381049 4.75 4.5 4.65 5
328469 5 4.5 4.8 5
K-7793 5 5 5 5
381052 5 5 5 5
381054 5 4.5 4.8 5


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