Research topics

Offshore ecology (A. Bednarska, P. Dawidowicz, Z.M. Gliwicz, P. Maszczyk, A. Mikulski , B. Pietrzak, J. Pijanowska, A. Sikora, M. Ślusarczyk, J. Radzikowski)
Evolutionary and population ecology of plankton and fish. Food and predation in governing (1) life history, behavior and morphology of an individual, (2) density and distribution of a population, and (3) structure of an offshore community. Phytoplankton-zooplankton interface. Prey-predator interactions: chemical communication, induced defenses, diel vertical migrations and life-history patterns in zooplankton. Diapause in temporal and spatial dispersal. Optimal foraging. Diel habitat shifts in fish. Food-web manipulations , lake restoration and fishery management.

Littoral ecology (A. Kołodziejczyk, E. Pieczyńska, T. Karasek, P. Koperski, T. Ozimek, J.I. Rybak)
Ecology of lake littoral communities. Biology of different plant and animal species (macrophytes and algae, nematodes, leeches, crustaceans, mollusks), antipredation defenses, herbivory and detritivory. Algae-macrophyte-invertebrate interrelations. Ecotone ecology: coupling of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Role of macrophytes in lake productivity and nutrient cycling. Macrophytes in lake protection and restoration. 

Ecology of stress (A. Bednarska, M. Grzesiuk, A. Mikulski, B. Pietrzak, J. Pijanowska)
Ecology of stress. Molecular, behavioral, life-history and morphological adaptations to stress from biotic (predation and starvation) and abiotic (temperature, salinity, polychlorinated biphenyls) factors in Daphnia as a model. The adaptive role of maternal effect in expression of phenotypic adjustments to stress. The role of Heat Shock Proteins (HSP) in the individual reaction to various kinds of stress.

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